Doug von Koss in full song, with arms folded over his heart, guides a singing circle of women and men in Italy.
Doug von Koss leaning against a brightly painted yellow and red gypsy caravan at the 2006 Minnesota Men's Conference.


“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Singing with Doug in his spirited, 'perfection free zone' is an epiphany of the heart and soul. Through his guidance, I feel free to sing out loud with my true voice, joined with others in a joyous celebration of life. A group of strangers come together, and in minutes are touching the miraculous."

Alan Cohn, Physician

List of Upcoming Events

When & Where to Chant & Sing With Doug!!

February 3, 2019 – The Noah Project – Men Only – Berkeley, Ca

The Noah Project Berkeley, under the leadership of Richard Naegle, will meet the 1st Sunday evening every month beginning February 3, 2019 through August 4, 2019.  The September gathering will be the 2nd Sunday evening, September 8th to avoid the Labor Day week-end.

The Noah Project Berkeley is a group of men who gather regularly to artfully explore the joys and sorrows of the human condition using song, chant, poetry and group movement.  All men of good will who can sing “Happy Birthday” without driving anyone out of the room are welcome to this totally diverse men’s group.

All meetings are upstairs at The Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 7-9 pm, 1970 Chestnut, (off University) Berkeley, CA.

They take their name from a line of Rumi’s poetry, “Start a large foolish project, like Noah.”  It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.

February 14, 2019 – The Noah Project North – 7-9pm – Sebastopol, CA

I have moved out of the Bay Area to Sebastopol, CA. and I have wonderful news.  I’ve found a room to fit the dream of a new beginning for The Noah Project North  in Sebastopol, CA.  The room is large enough to gather both the existing Noah North singers and provide room for new folks who would like to join in.  What better place for a group of cultural creatives than the Green Room at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center.  

Our first gathering of 2019 will be on the evening of Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14th.  I promise a glorious evening of love, harmony and beauty in community.  I’ve invited Richard Naegle, my friend and founder of Noah North, to join in with us.

We’ll gather from 7-9 pm the 2nd Thursday of every month all of 2019 in the Green Room at the Community Cultural Center, 390 Morris St. (Plenty of parking)  My only request for new folks?  They must be able to sing happy birthday without driving people out of the room!  If they pass that tiny test, they are welcome as the flowers in May!

Gathering as The Noah Project North, in a perfection free zone, we’ll raise our voices together in chant and songs that celebrate love, diversity, power, the rhythms of the year, and the circle of life.   As women and men of good will, we’ll sing songs for times when comfort is needed, and songs that remind us of our ancestors.  By the circular, non-hierarchical, harmonious intertwining of our voices we might just bring a little more beauty into the world.

In Beauty It’s Begun,  Doug



February 9, 2019 – RUMI’S CARAVAN – Sebastopol, CA

RUMI’S CARAVAN, an evening of poetry and music in the ecstatic tradition now in its 20th year, returns to the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.   Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019,  7 pm.

Rumi’s Caravan was first assembled in Sebastopol, CA in 2000 as a vehicle to convey our love of the oral tradition of poetry. It is our experience that when poetry – learned by heart and embodied – is spoken, it carries something of Soul with it and is more meaningful to the listener than poetry read from a page.

The original intention was three-fold:

  • To support local community benefit organizations
  • To build community
  • To help restore the oral tradition of poetry, to inspire audiences with a new imagination of the possible.

Ever since, the Caravan has delighted audiences at our annual signature event in Sonoma County combining music, poetry and festivity.

The intermission will offer a taste of Persian delights generously provided by Sima Vaghti and Ken Roberts.

As a gift to our beloved community, this performance of Rumi’s Caravan will be free of charge.  There will be no ticket sales.  We welcome your donations at the door with the hope of sufficiently covering our costs to be able to offer this gift again next year.