Doug von Koss in full song, with arms folded over his heart, guides a singing circle of women and men in Italy.
Doug von Koss leaning against a brightly painted yellow and red gypsy caravan at the 2006 Minnesota Men's Conference.


“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Singing with Doug in his spirited, 'perfection free zone' is an epiphany of the heart and soul. Through his guidance, I feel free to sing out loud with my true voice, joined with others in a joyous celebration of life. A group of strangers come together, and in minutes are touching the miraculous."

Alan Cohn, Physician

List of Upcoming Events

When & Where to Chant & Sing With Doug!!

October 10, 2019 – Noah Project North – Sebastopol, CA

“FISHING FOR FALLEN LIGHT!”  A fall evening for women and men full of love & chant & community & song with The Noah Project North. 

Come join your voice with others in joyful community!  We’ll draw from many of the world’s spiritual traditions to create a glorious mosaic of the human spirit.  Weaving a web of chant, movement, poetry, and ritual, we might just sing some fallen light back into our world.   It is possible!

~  Sebastopol Community Cultural Center in the Main Hall ~

October 10, 2019, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol, California

Time: 7:30 PM to 9:15 PM  ~  Admission: $2.00–$4.00                                                       No Reservations   ~    No one turned away.

August 15, 2019 – Rumi’s Caravan – Osmosis Day Spa – Freestone, CA

Rumi’s Caravan will perform a benefit performance for The Center for Climate Protection, a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire, align, and mobilize action in response to the climate from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Summer Garden Evening includes a fine wine and cheese reception and live music before the poetry performance.

Further information :

September 12th, 2019 The Noah Project North – Sebastopol, CA

“Just Because It’s September!”

A Late-summer Evening for Men & Women

Full of Love & Chant & Community & Song

Doug von Koss & The Noah Project North

If we need a reason as men and women to gather in a great hall and sing healing universal chants and songs in magnificent harmony…

If we need a reason to have tea and cookies and share Laughter and Praises and Blessings…

 If we need a reason to joyfully participate in the sorrows of the world and let our beauty shine unrestrained…

Let’s just DO it and say…Just Because It’s September!”

~  Sebastopol Community Cultural Center in the Main Hall ~

September 12, 2019

390 Morris Street

Sebastopol, California

 Time: 7:30 PM to 9:15 PM

Admission: $2.00–$4.00    No Reservations.     No one turned away.


THE NOAH PROJECT NORTH is a group of women and men who gather consciously to artfully explore the beauty and sorrow of the human condition using song, chant, group movement, poetry and ritual in community.  We take our name from a Rumi poem that says, “Start a large foolish project, like Noah!  It makes no difference what people think of you!”  Doug von Koss is the founder and artistic director of THE NOAH PROJECT. 

More Information:

We’ll sing Thursday evening, September 12th,  in the big hall of the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. 390 Morris at 7:15 pm.  The 7:15 is important as there is a dance class in the room until 7:00 pm and  they need time to clean up.  Let there be no confusion.  The Noah Project North is open to ALL races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations and genders.


July 13, 2019 – RUMI’S CARAVAN – Oakland, CA

Rumi’s Caravan Returns to Oakland, CA   –   Poetry by Heart and from the Heart

July 13, 7 pm.  Unitarian church – 685 14th Street  –  Tickets $15. Advance $30 at the door.   –   More info:

Since 2001 Rumi’s Caravan has inspired audiences by weaving together poems by Rumi, Hafez, Machado, Rilke, Yeats, Mary Oliver, Naomi Shihab Nye, David Whyte and other poets from cultural and spiritual traditions across the world.  The presenters create an improvised poetic conversation with musical accompaniment.  Moving through moods of prayer and grief to humor and celebration, the Caravan always highlights the beauty of the spoken word.

August 2019 – January 2020 – The Noah Project – Men Only – Berkeley, CA

The Noah Project Berkeley meets generally the 1st Sunday of every month –  however August 4th is canceled and moved to August 18th.   Berkeley will always be in the Finnish Hall.

The Noah Project North meets the 2nd Thursday of every month in Sebastopol. 

Richard Naegle is temporarily not able to lead The Noah Project Berkeley.  Doug von Koss will return to lead August 18th and perhaps on into September 8th, October 9th, November 3rd, December 8th, 2019  and January 5th, 2020.  

The Noah Project Berkeley is a group of men who gather regularly to artfully explore the joys and sorrows of the human condition using song, chant, poetry and group movement.  All men of good will who can sing “Happy Birthday” without driving anyone out of the room are welcome to this totally diverse men’s group.

All meetings are upstairs at The Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 7-9 pm, 1970 Chestnut, (off University) Berkeley, CA.

They take their name from a line of Rumi’s poetry, “Start a large foolish project, like Noah.”  It makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.